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GVCM Bull/Bear Risk Barometer

| September 17, 2019

Bull Bear

This proprietary gauge of current market conditions attempts to quantify both the technical health of the market and strategist opinion into one indexed value on a weekly basis.  In essence, are we in a “Bullish” mode and risk-on, or a “Bearish” mode and risk-off?  Inputs include the current outlook of market strategists/money managers that we hold in high-regard**, coupled with popular technical indicators, investment sentiment gauges and proprietary tactical signals that historically have proven their long-term merits.***

** Market Strategist opinions from the following firms: The Chartist, Ned Davis Research, Quantitative Analysis Services, Lowry’s Research, Howard Capital, Heritage Capital Research and Potomac Advisors. *** Technical Indicators include: Advance/Decline Indicator, VIX Index, sentiment polls (Investors Intelligence, The American Association of Individual Investors, National Association of Active Investment Management), and proprietary tactical signals from GVCM’s majority-owned AdvisorGuide LLC.


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