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As a business owner or executive your number one responsibility is to make sure your business turns a profit and continues to meet the goals and objectives you determine are important.  Often one of those goals or objectives is to develop and offer a retirement plan that helps you to attract and reward good employees.  Making the decision to do this is easy; implementing it is not so easy.

As the Plan Sponsor, you have (or will have) a lot of new responsibilities that require very specific knowledge and skills.  Most business people have not developed that knowledge and those skills. As a Plan Sponsor, you will also inherit a host of new responsibilities and liabilities.

At Global View Capital Advisors, we help you as a business owner or executive develop and manage your company sponsored retirement plan.  We offer solutions that may help to minimize and in some cases eliminate some of the inherent liabilities.  We also help your plan participants make more informed decisions about their personal retirement planning needs.

As professional plan consultants, our principals have undergone specialized training that has prepared them to work with small and medium sized businesses like yours, who are offering or who intend to offer an employer sponsored retirement plan.

Our approach is simple, yet complete.  We educate you as the Plan Sponsors on your responsibilities through a 6-Step Trademarked service plan called "The 401(k) Service Solution".

With this program we:

    • Document your plan’s goals and objectives during the Vision Session
    • Explain how to use and develop an Investment Policy Statement during the Solid Foundation session
    • Help  you, the Plan Sponsor, implement Fiduciary Standards of Care in the Lead Fiduciary Practice session
    • Compare Plan Proposals and Document Expenses in the Due Diligence Review
    • Develop and deliver an Effective Plan Participant Education Program through the Advanced Investor Series
    • Guide you the plan sponsor to Understanding and Simplifying Plan management Issues during the Peak Administration Guide Session

Once a plan is in place, we provide ongoing services by periodically benchmarking and evaluation the plan.  We also develop and maintain an educational program for your plan participants as well as for any of your employees who may be acting in a fiduciary capacity to the plan.

As independent retirement plan consultants, we bring a unique perspective.  Since we do not own any proprietary investment products, we do not have any pre-conceived ideas of how your plan should be serviced or who should provide the services needed to make the plan successful.

Since we are independent, we can work with multiple providers and choose the most appropriate provider for each service your plan requires.  We never receive any undisclosed incentives or revenues from any company that we bring to the Plan Sponsor.  We believe in and support full fee disclosure and transparency.  We work for you, the Plan Sponsor, to provide you the most un-biased recommendations we can.

Our desire is to provide you as a small or mid-sized employer with the same or better level of service that the large plans receive.  As small business owners ourselves, we have a commitment and a mission to help other small business owners achieve their business goals.  We believe that it is better to teach a man to fish than to give a man a fish and so we approach all of our educational activities with this end in mind.  Because of our passion for education, we can commit to a quarterly educational campaign to improve your plan participants’ level of salary deferral contributions and to assist your plan participants in developing an overall personal financial plan.

We will help you, the Plan Sponsor, determine what level of involvement you want from a fiduciary position and then help you hire competent professionals to handle those areas they do not want to handle.  We take being a fiduciary seriously and our business is built on the premise that we will do what is best for our clients even if it is not what is best for us.