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Why Wealth Siimple?

Does this sound like you...

  • Every time you decide to start saving it seems something gets in the way.

  • You are ready to start investing but there are too many choices and you are afraid of making the wrong one.

  • You have a retirement plan at work but want to start saving for a particular goal, like a down payment for a home, college, or vacation.

  • Or, you're already a good saver, and you've been savvy with your investments, but you are looking for another way to diversify -including the excess reserves you have just at your local bank, have access to the latest technology, and want a way to also protect your investments along the way...

Well, you've found it.  And, all while keeping things very simple for you.

Creating an account takes no more than 10 minutes, requires little to no paperwork, and you can have your funds invested as early as tomorrow.

We believe that by having things simplified - without sacrificing service and quality - will help add to your overall experience.

Give us a try.

Create your Global View Wealthsimple Account now.